Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Room Update

As I mentioned earlier today... lots of posts today I know, but I am waiting patiently for my trick or treaters, so I thought I would catch up; anyways... as I mentioned earlier today I would update with some pictures of the baby's room as we (Tad, Tanya and Michelle) started to paint the room! So here is a before and a during... Tomorrow will be round two and the squares will be painted... It's all coming together!!

Miss Millie

Today my cousin Lindsay and her little girl Millie stopped by for a visit. Millie will be 6 months on Thursday. I can't believe she is already 6 months old. I must say I am still in shock at how much she looks like her daddy... Sorry Linds! She adorable none the less and hopefully soon I can hold her and she won't cry when I come near her. NOTE: Lindsay said, she gets afraid of all strangers... so it isn't just me, in case any of you were looking to blame! Here are some pictures of little Miss Millie..

And here's a picture of her daddy... and mom just 6 months ago..

19 Weeks

So last week I told you that I would hopefully post belly pictures... Since everyone knows that I am the one ALWAYS taking the pictures it takes a lot for me to get in front of the camera... especially when it's just me! So last night at Kevin and Tracy's, Leah asked if I have any more belly pictures (At Kelly and Bruce's wedding her and Michelle made me take some...) so I knew it was coming, but I am glad she did ask! So these are for you mom, since you don't get to see the progress and even though I am almost 5 months (tomorrow!) better late than never!
PS the ultrasound yesterday was great, I will post those pictures later. Still don't know what it is and the guessing games have officially begun! Heart rate was 142 bpm. We just want healthy, but I have to admit I am biased to team pink, never in all my life did I dream of having a little girl (always wanted a football team) because I knew what I was like (sorry mom!) and I knew I really didn't want to go through that.. BUT since I have three EQUALLY WONDERFUL nephews, I want them to have a little girl to play with!! Plus if it's a girl Tad and Travis can't name her TEEROY LAROY... PLEASE HELP!! I will have to scan them in and I'm not exactly sure how to hook up my wireless printer with my wireless laptop, so I promise I will get those on here for you all to see as well.
Stay tuned for more pictures, today is a busy picture day!! Love the kids in costumes...
OH, also the painting in he baby's room has commenced!! Super Excited!! I will post those pictures too!!
Also, everyone say a prayer for Sweet baby Stellan. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life against his heart condition. (to read more, click on the Baby Stellan link on the top right corner of my blog under our picture)

Pumpkin Carving Crazyness...

So last night was the 2nd annual Pumpkin Carving Party at Tracy and Kevin's house. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't really do holiday decorating, so last year I went to take pictures. This year was no different. I am definitely not one to get all full of pumpkin guts, and honestly some of the kids were running through the guts (they were everywhere, on the plastic of course!) and I went to get some guts off of the big bouncy ball that they were also playing with in the guts, and I just about puked... yep it made me gag. My gag reflex is on overdrive with this pregnancy, so after all it was a good thing I didn't bring a pumkin to carve for myself. I know next year I have to bring a pumpkin and carve, my get out of guts free is no longer. :) Here are some pictures of the evening. Thanks Tracy and Kevin it was a blast and it is always great to see all the kids again! (Hope they all get to go Trick or Treating today!!) PS, if you want to see more pictures go to my picture website for all of the pictures.

Tucker the Tiger at Work

Yesterday Michelle (mil) and Tanya (sil) brought Tucker to Belle Plaine to go see Hunter and Lydia in their halloween costumes for their annual Halloween Parade. So of course I couldn't let them not bring him to see me! And since we won't get to see Tucker today, it worked out great, I got to see the little Tiger in his costume. Super cute. Thank you Tanya and Michelle!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Miss Magic

Got the call I've been waiting for since Monday! Jackie and Ole were due today and she went 3 days early with Lauren so I was prepared on Monday and anxiously awaiting the phone call. Well, the call came today, she delivered this morning at 5:45 am very quickly... 6lbs 10 oz 19 inches long, just a peanut! Kendra Denise Touhey. My little Kenny!! Yeah! Congrats to Jackie and Ole on a beautiful baby girl! Love you guys!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby "T" Bedding

Well, I already told you all that I have found the paint for the Baby's room, but I never showed you all the bedding that I coordinated the paint with. We are going to do three different colors. One wall will have squares with two different colors (lime green and dark brown) and the other three walls will be Ariel's Song (lagoon blue). Picking the bedding was very hard not knowing what the sex was, but I was more than prepared for the challenge. Honestly it was easier than knowing because there are SO many boy/girl sets to pick from that I could never choose. So not having many neutral choices was much easier. So here it is!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Operation Baby Room

Well, this weekend we cleaned out the Spare bedroom completely. The bed is in the basement and all of my clothes have been transported into "Tad's" room. For those of you that didn't know, since day one (6 years ago) Tad and I have had our 'own' rooms, complete with all of my clothes in the spare bedroom, well we are officially moved in together! Tad's not enjoying his less closet space, and especially that I Purged alot of his clothes to make room for the ones that still fit me! I have posted two pictures of Baby T's room before the painting comences. Who knows when that may be...
The next pictures or update will hopefully be some belly pictures... and a baby picture! We have our big ultra sound on Friday Oct. 30th at 8 am... so I will definitely post the outcome of that appointment. We will not be finding out the sex until the delivery so the pictures will let your imagination figure it out for yourselves!!

Blogging 101

Well, I have decided to start a blog, now that we are expecting our first child in March and we have many family and friends out of state, I thought this would be the best way to keep everyone "posted" on our personal lives with commentary. I know I have the picture website, which has been more for my business that my personal so this was the best way to go.. so I am new at this and will try to keep it updated for all of you that may want to know... wish us luck!! Let this be the first official post for our New Marschall Manor Blog... there will be more to come!!

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