Monday, April 11, 2011

two weeks behind {that didn't take long}

Ok, so it didn't take long for me to get behind in posting, but this post is gonna be picture heavy since we had a busy couple weeks. It's hard to believe it's been two weeks already since Kenny Chesney was in town. It was his (our-St. Paul's) first concert in 4 years... needless to say I wasn't missing it for NOTHIN! We (Sharon, Melissa, Becky and I) had a blast and Kenny's Girls Gone Wild were in rare form! Thanks girls for another great concert!

Katie and Annabelle came over to visit and to give Taryn her birthday gift. Thank you for the awesome sandbox toys and of course the Strawberry Shortcake video. Taryn and I will enjoy that for sure! Like it or not these two little girls are gonna LOVE each other!! And I think they do...

The Marschalls had a new addition on March 31st, Trevyn John was born to my brother in law Travis and his girlfriend Kristi. Tanya, Grandma Lolly and I went to visit. He was 10.1 lbs... big baby boy!

Last Tuesday I went over to take newborn pictures of Trevyn and my goal was to get some pictures of the 3 Marschall grandchildren together for Grandma Shells of course..

Saturday I had the pleasure of taking pictures at my girlfriends parent's 50th wedding anniversary... it was a blast!

more pictures are on my website:

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